Jersey Options
The pdf files at the bottom of the page contain the jersey color options. Your league fee includes a jersey from the "Standard Jerseys" file. Premium jerseys are available for an additional fee. All players on the team must have matching jerseys, both color and style.

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In order to reserve a jersey style/color, you must follow these steps exactly:
Step 1: Choose a total of 5 jersey colors/styles.

Step 2: On the "Registration & Jersey Order Form", list your 5 color choices; first one being your top choice. EXAMPLE:
           Team Color: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Gold

Step 3: Mail us your payment and registration form. Once your league fees are received, your team will be assigned a color based on availability.
The sooner you mail in your payments, the higher probability that you'll get a color that you want.

Jersey Options:

A $3 surcharge is required for jersey sizes 2XL and larger.