Hotshots Sponsorship

1. For every 3 Kickball STL league members in attendance, Hotshots will provide either 1 large 1 topping pizza OR 20 toasted ravs.


2. To be counted as a Kickball STL league member, players must be wearing an official Kickball STL jersey, and must be on the active roster for the session in play.

3. Hotshots will honor the food offer for up to 15 uniformed players. Teams are welcome to come in with more than 15 people, however, a maximum of 5 food items will be honored.

4. In order to qualify for the free food offer, teams must purchase an average of 1 drink for each player in attendance. The 1 drink minimum is calculated as a table, not per player. For Example: Say a team of 15 players comes in. In order to receive their 5 free pizza's, their table as a whole needs to buy 15 drinks. If 12 players order water and 3 players each order a bucket of beer (consisting of 5 beers each), those 3 buckets equal 15 table drinks, thus satisfying the requirement. Soda, ice tea, beer, shots, and mixed drinks all count towards the minimum.
5. The food offer is only available at the assigned Hotshots for your division. See the "Cost & Details" page for the division that you're participating at.

6. Please be sure to tip your waitresses accordingly. Each large pizza has a retail value of about $14.00. So in fairness to the wait staff, teams should tip $2 - $3 for each free pizza that they receive. So if your team receives 5 pizza's free, you should ad $10-$15 onto the tip from your check.
7. Please understand that Kickball STL's teams arrive at Hotshots in a large rush, and therefore put an incredible amount of stress on the kitchen. Therefore, teams may receive their free pizza's staggered, meaning 1 or 2 will come out, and then they'll receive the remainder in 15 minutes or so. To help alleviate some of the stress on the oven, mix it up and order some toasted ravs with your pizza!  
* "Over $550 in Free Food From Hotshots Each Session" was calculated as follows:
A team of 15 comes into Hotshots and receives 5 Large 1 Toppings pizza's at a normal retail cost of $13.99. That's a retail value of $69.95 each week. Including playoffs, and the kickoff party, Hotshots honors the food offer 8 weeks each session. $69.95 per week X 8 weeks per session = $559.60 retail value each session.